Important information for clubs and coaches

You may have heard information regarding changes to the England Squash policy on safeguarding qualifications, namely the introduction of mandatory face to face training for all coaches. To ensure clarity and accuracy we wanted to take this opportunity to provide the background for the change and outline the steps we are taking to ensure the change in policy is clear and appropriate. 


·         England Squash are audited annually by the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) to ensure our safeguarding processes and policies meet the required standard. The CPSU have advised that going forward, it is compulsory that all coaches have attended the latest face to face training. We have maintained a ‘green’ RAG rating for several years and in order to keep the equivalent positive rating we must now mandate face to face training. 

·         Coaches must renew their safeguarding qualification every 3 years in order to maintain their valid Coaches Club status. Previously, coaches could both attain and renew their safeguarding qualification via online training, there is now a need for England Squash to ensure that all coaches have attended the latest face to face training. 

·         CPSU have highlighted the advantages of face to face training including; access to the very latest advice and guidance, the forum to share experiences, ask questions and to discuss this important topic with colleagues from other sports and backgrounds.  

·         We are currently discussing with the CPSU how best we can meet their criteria, whilst also being fair to existing coaches and mitigating the disruption and any risks involved in introducing this change e.g. a coach losing access to their insurance benefit. 

·         Over recent weeks, we have introduced the requirement for mandatory face to face safeguarding training for all newly qualified coaches (i.e. those undertaking their first coaching qualification). 

Ongoing Work  

We are proposing the following steps and are awaiting approval from the CPSU: 

·        All coaches must undertake face to face safeguarding training when their existing safeguarding qualification lapses. 

·        Once a coach has attended the latest face to face training, we are proposing that future courses they attend could either be online or face to face.  

·        For coaches whose safeguarding qualification expires soon, we are proposing a ’grace period’ between now and 1 February 2020 during which time their Coach Membership (including insurance) will still be valid regardless of whether their safeguarding qualification has expired. This should allow enough time for all coaches to complete face to face training.  

·        Coach Member validity will be subject to the coach having evidenced that they are booked on to a course before the end of the grace period (e.g. emailing evidence of their booking to England Squash), alongside holding a current Coach Membership, up to date DBS certificate, and First Aid certificate (Level 2 and above). 

Please be assured that England Squash is working hard with the CPSU to ensure that we have the best possible safeguards in place for the sport, whilst supporting coaches through this transitionary period. We will provide further information at the earliest opportunity, once details are confirmed with the CPSU.

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